When young Noble is sent to train with the dragon Kai, he doesn’t realize that this first portentous meeting will change both their lives forever.
In the age before history, magic exists throughout the globe. Noble, a young human, is living with the elves when he is sent to see Kai. Noble immediately falls for his intelligent and fierce new mentor. The two grow closer, but Noble keeps his love to himself.
Then, Noble is attacked by a vampire, and he loses his humanity. Like Kai, he now has incredible longevity and magical abilities. Noble no longer has a human family to return to, but Kai spurns him when he finally reveals the depths of his feelings.
With their extraordinarily long lives, both Kai and Noble live to see the centuries change and magic relegated to myth and legend. In the modern world, the two meet once again and help a troubled young man with secrets of his own. Will the two be able to overcome the history between them? Will they finally come to understand each other’s heart?

When Julien grows up and gets kicked out of his home, he needs to get a job—and fast. Luckily, he finds a cargo-hauling spaceship that’s looking for a new crewmember, and he joins without asking questions.
On board the Pirate, Julien is welcomed by the first mate, Marcus, and fellow deckhand Luke, who quickly acquaint him with his duties as he prepares for his first interstellar voyage. Then he meets Nat, the ship’s mysterious captain. She has a past she won’t talk about and an unusually clever dog, Max. When Pirate launches into space, Julien has no choice but to abandon all expectations of what the future might hold and buckle up for the ride.
Meanwhile, on the planet Carpathia Prime, Sirius von Crispin is learning his family trade—building star cruisers for the largest spaceship-manufacturing company in the universe, which his father runs. When the Pirate sets course for Carpathia Prime, dangerous secrets start to surface, and soon it’s clear that Nat has more strategic plans than just cargo delivery.

DJ has been living among humans for her entire life, spending her time working odd jobs until she moves to a Midwestern community and finds a job at a Fey owned club called Crossroads.


She shares her home with her best friend, a half-Elf named Star who straddles the line between male and female. They've been fighting strange beings known as Shadows. These Shadows have been stirred up and are starting to attack humans.


A human named Alex shows up at Crossroads with a sob story that DJ doesn't believe and changes life permanently for both DJ and Star.Who is causing the Shadows to attack? Who is this Alex? Will DJ's life ever be the same?